What Are Vehicle Wraps?


One Of The Best Ways To Show Your Brand To Consumers Is Through Car & Vehicle Wraps On Your Commercial Vehicles!

Have you ever seen a car, truck, or van in your area wrapped in an advertisement? If so, you may have wondered whether these advertisements — known as vehicle wraps — are a worthwhile investment for your small business. Below, you’ll find a complete breakdown of what vehicle wraps are and whether you should consider investing in them.

Branditt specializes in creating the display graphics needed to get a message out there in front of consumers. Vehicle wraps are an effective advertising method for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats. From an ROI standpoint, vehicle wraps have the lowest cost per impression.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America says that mobile advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of out of home advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions than any other form of advertising. Because every client’s needs are unique, our team provides personalized consultations to learn about the needs and goals of the car wrap.

What Are Vehicle Wraps?

A vehicle wrap is a digitally-printed mobile billboard. Branditt will work with you to craft your advertisement and then print it on vinyl. We print vinyl wraps in full color with eye-catching graphics. After using graphic design software to design your wrap, we will then produce and apply the vinyl film to your car, truck or other vehicle.

You can select either a full wrap, which covers the entire vehicle including the windows, or a partial wrap. Even if the wraps cover windows, you won’t have a problem looking through them. A high-quality vinyl wrap typically lasts three to five years.

Vinyl wraps have become one of the go-to accessories for businesses looking to customize their cars, trucks or SUVs without breaking the bank. Premium vinyl films are extremely durable and simple to use plus vehicle wraps give you color and finish options that paints and sprays can only dream of. And, when done right, vehicle wraps can give you a look that is indistinguishable from a paint job while protecting its value in the process.

The application of vinyl to your vehicle is known as wrapping and gives you two main benefits: protection of your car's paint job and the possibility of getting a look that paints just can't deliver.

Not only are vehicle wraps durable, but vinyl film is easy to care for as well. Just use soap and water to clean it when dirty. Additionally, because the vinyl itself is the protective coating, there is no need to apply clear coat or wax. It's pretty resilient but if a section of your wrap gets damaged, you can replace it quickly and easily for much less than you could repair a scratch paint job.

So what are your options for wrapping your car? Do you have to commit to wrapping the whole vehicle from bumper to bumper? Of course not. You can focus on individual panels to protect against specific dangers or to achieve a particular look. The vinyl film is applied one panel at a time, so you have complete control over how much of your car is covered.


So How Are Wraps Useful?

If your company already owns vehicles, trucks or trailers, it’s a wasted opportunity to not get them branded with at least the company logo.

Your fleet is seen by hundreds of potential customers each day. Seeing your brand while driving may remind them that they are in need of your services. It keeps your company top of mind, which can make all the difference when a potential customer is in need of what you offer.

This is also one of the rare instances where you own the medium. While you can rent ad space on billboards, you don’t have to worry about monthly expenses piling up over time if you already own a fleet of vehicles. You already paid for your business vehicle or fleet, now you just have to utilize them to their full potential! 

Wrap Options

Here's a look at some different options you have when it comes to applying a vehicle wrap to your car:

1. Complete Vehicle Wrap

If you want absolute protection for your car's painted surfaces, you can cover every body panel with a full wrap. This would prevent damage all the way around. You can also decide on a unique color scheme or finish to give your car a more distinctive look.

A matte finish is a popular option for some businesses, but carbon fiber and metallic finishes can be eye-catching as well. You can also expand your options and explore complex designs with digitally printed vinyl (more on that later). 

2. Partial Vehicle Wraps

Partial vehicle wraps give you the option of wrapping only certain areas of your car, truck or SUV either for cosmetic or protective reasons. You may want to wrap your side view mirrors just for the look or add the stylish camo protection of rocker panel wraps. Partial vehicle wraps offer you both easier installation and less expense so it's no surprise that they're some of our best sellers.

3. Roof Wraps

Contrast is essential in good design, and some automakers apply this principle to great effect. Using a contrasting color for the roof creates a striking visual look that helps to break up the boring sea of gray and black cars. If your car's manufacturer didn't offer this option, however, you'll have to do it yourself.

Luckily, vinyl car wraps make this quite easy to do. White and black are the two most common options for a contrasting roof color, but your options are endless. You could even use vinyl to create a custom design for the roof of your car.

4. Pillar Post Trim Wraps

If you've got scratched or faded pillar trim or your ride came factory with ugly chrome trim, pillar post wraps might just be the answer. Another option that lets you add a little more eye-popping style with the contrasting color combination is to wrap the entire canopy in one color, which would include the pillars around your car's windows. 

5. Hood Wrap

If you are modifying your car to boost performance and you want to make a visual change to go along with it, you could apply a carbon fiber-patterned vinyl wrap to your car's hood. Real carbon fiber hoods are a common weight-saving measure for race cars, but you can get that sporty look without paying through the nose for an actual carbon fiber hood. They’re a unique way to show off your branding.

Or maybe you long for the days of the Pontiac Trans Am, and you want to bring hood designs back into style. Whatever your imagination, you can get it printed on a vinyl wrap and apply it to your hood. 

Why Should You Wrap Your Commercial Vehicles?

First of all, wrapping your car is good business! When you think of marketing techniques, the use of vehicle graphics may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, you may want to give car wrapping more consideration based on the following statistics:

In the US today, “individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000-70,000 daily vehicular impressions,” according toARD Ventures.

“Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard,” saysPerception Research.

“Messages on outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate,”RYP & Becker Group indicates.

Based on these metrics, it’s easy to see why small business owners would want to consider choosing vehicle wrap over more traditional forms of advertising.

Applying a vinyl wrap to your car can be a means of protecting your investment, but it can also be an excellent way to improve the visual appearance of your vehicle. Applying a protective vinyl layer to your vehicle's painted surfaces will help maintain its resale value and keep your car's paint job in good condition. Road debris and UV rays in sunlight can harm your car’s paint and accelerate the ageing process. By wrapping your car with vinyl, not only are you improving your company image with a professional look, but you are combating both of these threats. Both your car and its next owner will thank you for that.

If one of your vinyl panels is damaged, you can simply replace it without worrying about the rest of the car. Vinyl doesn't fade over time, so you won't have to worry about mismatched body panels. A paint job provides no such convenience. If your paint job needs a repair or a refresh, you are committed to repainting the entire car, which will cost you a considerable amount of time and money.

As an added benefit, a vinyl wrap will instantly make your company car look like it rolled out of the showroom. Regardless of the condition of your car's current paint job, a vinyl wrap will make your car look brand new. Depending on your style, it could even make it look better than new.

If you want to create a whole new look, either with a crazy color, a different finish, a company logo, or a unique design, a custom vinyl wrap is going to be much easier to apply than a custom paint job would be. Furthermore, it will be much more cost-effective, easier to maintain, easier to repair and much easier to resell.

Your business’ custom design would undoubtedly limit the resale market of the vehicle if it were painted on. With a vinyl wrap, however, you can remove it, restore the car to its original appearance, and tap into a much larger potential group of customers.

But Aren’t Wraps Only For Big Companies With Huge Fleets Of Vehicles?

There is a common misconception that vinyl car wraps are only for companies with large vehicle fleets. However, this is not the case. Even if you don’t own company vehicles, you can still rent a truck or van to advertise your company’s information.

Taking advantage of these mobile advertisements could legitimize your small business and introduce your brand and logo to customers in your area. When small business owners use vehicle wraps, it puts them on the same playing field as companies large enough to maintain vehicle fleets.


How Long Do Wraps Last?

On average, a car wrap will last up to five years. However, the lifespan of a vehicle wrap depends on its quality and whether you hire a professional to print and install the wrap. A poorly made and haphazardly applied wrap could peel off long before its time and damage your car.

At Branditt, our highly trained studios have superior printing technology and installation methods that allow us to print and install beautiful car wraps. We use solvent long-life inks and laminate the vinyl car wrap with a UV protector to keep your vehicle wrap looking amazing for longer.

Perforated window film may not last as long as the rest of a car wrap. Because of perforation, the edges of window perforations may begin to peel under severe heat after 18 to 24 months. However, perforated window vinyl can be replaced without replacing the rest of the car wrap.

How Do Car Wraps Compare To Other Forms Of Advertising?

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America classifies wrap advertising as a form of “out of home” advertising. The agency says that vehicle advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of out of home advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions than any other form of advertising.

On average, wrap advertising costs as little as four cents per thousand impressions. This is significantly lower than other forms of advertising. For instance, it’s estimated that outdoor signs cost $3.56 and newspaper ads cost $19.70 per thousand impressions. Wrap advertising isn’t quite as cost-efficient as online advertising, but it’s certainly more effective than some other forms of marketing.

Vinyl wraps tend to increase the outreach of a marketing campaign. When conducting traditional marketing campaigns, small business owners often limit themselves to a small demographic. For instance, if you advertise in the Wall Street Journal, you’re limiting yourself to those who are, on average, 30-49 years old. However, if you engage in a mobile billboard advertising campaign, you’ll reach everyone from children to seniors. 

Vehicle Wraps: The Best Option

Car wraps are one of the best ways to improve your business. It will reach more people at a lower cost than almost any other form of advertising out there! On top of that, it doesn’t require you to make constant payments like a billboard or online marketing. The quality of a professional application will justify the vehicle wrap cost in the end.

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