Are you looking for an awesome web design agency which can understand your business model and build the website from the ground up or redesign an existing one to increase conversions?


Get a beautiful website that wins customers.

At BRANDITT, we build stunning website designs that correctly reflect your products or services by knowing your business model and sales funnel, which also contributes to the creation of a strong brand in long run. Our design and development team does preliminary research on your industry and rivals in order to provide top-tier design that seems to speak to customers and provides a good UI/UX experience. As a result, our clients are always one step ahead of the competition.

The Process


     - Discovery Call

     - Fill Project Intake


     - Proposal/Quotation

     - Meeting With Project

       Manager & Team


      - Copywriting

     - Design Presentation

     - Web Development Plan

     - Image(s) Selection

     - Integrations &



    - Layout Structure

    - Insert Content/Images

    - Custom Development

    - Search Engine



     - Push The Site LIVE!

     - Testing & Tracking

     - Verifying Payment Gateway

     - Popping Champagne!!!

Some Of Our Clientele & Projects

Industries We Work With

Platforms In Which We Excel

The days of setting up a website and then forgetting about it are long gone. Consumers now expect a continual stream of fresh information and goods. We construct websites using industry-leading content management systems, allowing marketing teams to continuously publish fresh material and offer new products.

Frequently Asked Questions

- What will be the price for a 


The cost of modern web design varies tremendously, and it varies from project to project. The original cost of web design may be increased by the complexity, customization, type, features, integrations, and upkeep. The first step is to tell us about your goals and objectives, so that we can provide you a detailed quote tailored as per your needs.

- How much time will it take?

It depends on the job, much as the pricing. However, most small to medium-sized website projects, on the other hand, are completed in a 4 to 8 weeks.

- What about (SEO) Search Engine 


All the website we design are search engine friendly. We ensure that the site's structure, URL name, and content are perfectly matched for top ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.

- Do you re-design websites that 

   are already up and running?

YES without a doubt! Existing site designs or structures can be redesigned according to specific goals such as conversion rates, revenue or user experience.

- How about hosting?

If you already have hosting, we can either host the new site on the same server or assist you in transferring to a new premium hosting provider.

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