Non Illuminated Signs

Save Big on Maintenance & Energy Costs with Non-Illuminated Signs

Non-illuminated signs offer a unique blend of vintage aesthetics and modern-day functionality that sets them apart from other indoor sign types.

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Non-Illuminated Signs

Acrylic Letter & Logo Signs

Acrylic Letter & Logo Signs

Sleek and modern, perfect for businesses with a contemporary aesthetic.


Alupanel Letter & Logo Signs (Metal)

Durable and weather-resistant, ideal for businesses located in areas with harsh weather conditions.

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PVC Letter & Logo Signs

PVC Letter & Logo Signs

Affordable and versatile, a great option for businesses on a budget that still wants a high-quality sign.

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Non-Illuminated Signs: Timeless & Subtle

Non-Illuminated Signs: Timeless & Subtle

Crafted With Excellence to Withstand the Weather

Non-illuminated signs are another type of indoor sign that can set your brand apart and build a wow-worthy interior for your business. Unlike illuminated signs, non-illuminated indoor signs do not rely on aesthetic lighting. Instead, these signs reflect expert sign craftsmanship and enamel finishes. They are positioned inside your storefront or office in such a way that is sure to catch the eyes of your customers.

At Branditt, we recognize the impact of expertly crafted, non-illuminated signs in creating a refined, sophisticated look for your business. Every non-illuminated sign we build reflects the utmost attention to detail and premium quality enamel finishes. Our non-illuminated signs offer a subtle, timeless appeal that can enhance your brand identity without relying on external lighting.

Non-Illuminated Signs: Timeless & Subtle background


Are non-illuminated signs energy efficient?

Yes, non-illuminated signs are highly energy efficient since they do not require any electrical components to operate. This makes them a great option for businesses that want to minimize their carbon footprint.

Are non-illuminated signs durable enough for outdoor use?

While non-illuminated signs are primarily designed for indoor use, they can also be used outdoors. However, the materials used and the finish applied may differ to ensure durability against harsh weather conditions.

How do I clean my non-illuminated sign?

Non-illuminated signs can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap and water solution. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or materials that can scratch or damage the surface of the sign.

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Each project is a testament to our commitment to creativity, precision, and innovation in the industry. From eye-catching outdoor signs that command attention to elegant indoor displays that elevate brand presence, our portfolio boasts a diverse range of work.

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